Dunnage Bags


The outer Ply Dunnage Bag is made of high intension kraft paper,PP woven PE membranes,which is tough and strong.It's inner bag is made of 5 layers coextrusion PE film.The especially designed non-leaking air intake veale,which can endure more then 10tons of pressure, releases air inside the bag fast and easily.Dunnage Bag is easy to use,which is widely used because it may save lots of loading time and reduce transportation cost.


 In transport,the biggest factor ofcargo damage is the foreard of backwadcollisions between cargoes which causing damage to the package and goods.
  Dunnage bagsmake it suitabddle for application in all modes of transportation for shipment by road,rail and sea.The bags can fill the gap berween the carges,support the weight which caused by the shaking of cargoes and absorb shock.it protects goods better than other fillers,and compared with the foam,it is much better to theencironmerts.
  Dunnage bagds can be quickly inflated;save time,reducecosts effectively.It is now widely used to fill the container in the world and your goods will be greatly protected during the container transport.

In flatable tools:Air compressor and infator gun
Air compressor is a common inflatable tool;it can be bought in local market convenient.(Berrer there is gas source in the using site).


How to select the dunnage bags that you need?
1. Measure void between cargo.
2. Measure distance trom floor to the fop of load
3. Measure the depth of pallet siae or cargo packaging dimension.
4. Our professional service staff will help you to design the pac king project and select the suitable products to finish your container pac king together.

The usage of the eunnage bags
LfTHE good are packaged widen pallets or cases, such materials with sharp angles may puncture the dunnage bag.In order to protect the goods effectively,it is very important to place corrugated board of some tpe of smooth surface on either side of the dunnage bags.


Dunnage bags are good to the encironments
  The wooden pallet and the foam are commony used fo fill the gap between the goods in the past.However,the cost and protection of these materials are not satisried.With the increasing demands of protecring the environments,wooden pallets and foam are being abandoned.
  Dunnage bags are not only low cost;the crush resistance or shock absorption is far superior to other fillers.It is the latest development technology and most commonly used.At the same time,it provides an overall cost-savings in materials,labor and improves company's image.