Slip Sheets




  Be made of high quality craft paper,possessing good anti-humidity and tear resistant.




Slipper sheet system:
  It needs the forklift with push-and-pull machine.Transportation and stocking needn't pallets.It's very fit for the sea and internal ransportation.This system has been used well in EnropeU.S.A.Japab Because of its incomparable stabdard,saving space and low cost,it is inevitable become the end method for the international

1. It's just like a paper so can save more space of the containers and the transportation vehicles.
2. Save the transportarion fee because of its portability and small bulk.
3. Need small store space,1000pics-1 cute
4. NO need turnover so save the money for turnocer.
5. No need material recycling.
6. No need repair and loss.
7. No need manage or recycling control.